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Chartreuse Green

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Chartreuse Green

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This is the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour. It is powerful and unique. Only a few Chartreuse monks know which plants they have to macerate to produce the natural green colour. And they alone supervise the slow ageing in oak casks.

Category Absinthe
Region France
Brand Chartreuse
Alcohol/vol 55%
Proof 110.00
  • we93

Wine EnthusiastThis lime-green, anise-scented liqueur is sweet at first sip, then herbaceous in the middle, showing fennel, pine, tarragon and mild floral notes. The finish is spicy and warming, with anise, white pepper and ginger heat. It's a bit too viscous and fiery for straight-up sipping, but it's beautifully complex and a key ingredient for the classic Last Word and other cocktails.

Kara Newman, April 1, 2016