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Compass Box Flaming Heart
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Compass Box Flaming Heart

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Category Blended Scotch
Region United Kingdom, Scotland
Brand Compass Box
Alcohol/vol 48.9%

A wonderful limited edition expression from the chaps at Compass Box, this is their fifteenth anniversary bottling of Flaming Heart, a top notch blended malt which pairs the smoky richness of peated whisky with the complex elegance of Scotch whisky matured in French oak. It was released in the latter half of 2015, fifteen years after Compass Box was lunched in 2000, with John Glaser at the helm.

They released their first bottling of Flaming Heart back in 2006 and the pairing of French-oak matured whisky with peated whisky was a new, exciting venture. It's still bloomin' awesome today, too.