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Fernet Branca Liqueur
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Fernet Branca Liqueur

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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region Italy
Brand Fernet Branca
Alcohol/vol 39%
Proof 78.00

The health-enhancing properties make this the favored "digestivo" at tables across the world. Traditionally served straight up at the end of a meal, it aids in digestion and cleanses the palate. It can also be used to spike espresso to make the famous caffè corretto, spiked coffee.

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This amaro seems innocuous at first, with its coffee-brown hue and mild, root-like aroma. But it's intensely bitter from the first sip-so much so that it's hard to detect other flavors, though there's a bitter espresso and unsweetened chocolate core, plus a minty finish. Bartenders love to offer this uber-bitter liqueur as a shock-value shot; it's challenging to sip straight, even though the alcohol level is moderate. But it's also a key component of some classic drinks, like the Hanky Panky, and that's where its value lies.

Kara Newman, April 1, 2016