Wild Turkey Spiced

Wild Turkey Spiced

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Notes of vanilla, caramel, and cloves. Wild Turkey Spiced is a blend of 4- and 6-year-old whiskey, with added spice and other natural flavors. This makes for a unique result: a Wild Turkey that mixes like a spiced rum, but retains its bold bourbon character. So it's perfect solo or as an 86-proof spike to cola. Notes of vanilla, caramel, and cloves really make it stand out. It's island-inspired, but Kentucky where it counts. It's from the Island of Kentucky.
Category Spirits
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Wild Turkey
  • we89

Wine EnthusiastThe Bourbon base of this product punches through on first sip, showing oak upfront on the palate, followed by vanilla and gentle spice. The spice builds with repeated sips, as does the alcohol heat, though it retains a soft feel. Enjoy on the rocks or mixed.

February 1, 2014