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Absolut Elyx

ABSOLUT ELYX is manually distilled in a 1921 copper rectification still. Operated by a select few who inherited their knowledge and expertise from past generations. This silky textured vodka is a result of single estate wheat, manual operation and the old copper catalyzation.

Annasach 25yr


Selected from the private stocks of William Grant & Sons, the Rare Cask Reserves are comprised of new fill spirits from Scotland's finest distilleries and laid to finish in bespoke oaken casks for decades.
Enjoy this rich, hand-selected blend, 1 of only 11 bottles available to the entire state of South Carolina that is a combination of malts never to be repeated again. 
Ardbeg Uigeadail

Uigeadail derives from the Scotch Gaelic for 'Dark and Mysterious Place' and is named for the Loch from whence Ardbeg draws its waters. Jim Murray's 2009 World Whisky of the Year, this cask-strength bottle exudes breathtaking balance.
Auchentoshan Bartender's Malt
*Limited Edition*

A limited release single malt from Auchentoshan that's a product of their 'New Malt Order' cocktail competition. Blends created by 12 bartenders from five countries were brought together to create The Bartender's Blend, using whiskies spanning five decades (the youngest of which were 6 years old). That includes whiskies matured in ex-Laphroaig casks, rum casks, red wine barriques, German oak casks and American oak casks.
This expression from Auchentoshan's winning competitor throughout the world is from right here in Charleston!
Booker's Little Book
*Limited Edition*
Little Book is the inaugural whiskey made by eighth generation Beam family member Freddie Noe. This limited edition annual release is a tribute to the Noe family tradition of superb whiskey making. Little Book is the product of Freddie Noe's unique blending principles and is uncut and unfiltered. 

Compass Box No Name & Phenomenology
*Limited Editions*

This right here is the peatiest whisky to date from the fantastic Compass Box – No Name. A massively smoky blended malt, packing more peat than their own Peat Monster expression! Massively interesting and hugely delicious.
Phenomenology is “a blend of single malts that combines seemingly dissonant flavor profiles, but together create something compelling.” Phenomenology (a psychological school of thought based around the experiences that we get from our senses), Compass Box isn’t letting slip what whiskies are present in this expression, or giving out any tasting notes. Take a step into the unknown. Discover Phenomenology for yourself.

FEW Bourbon

Puts to rest the myth that good bourbon only comes from KY. Fermented with a special, peppery yeast normally used for saison beer. Cinnamon and clove on the nose is backed up by corn sweetness and oak. Perfect for sipping neat, or enjoy a new twist on an Old Fashioned.


The generous rye content is married with the sweetness of corn for a delicious and complex spirit. Patiently aged in air-dried oak barrels, its spicy character begins with rich aromas and finishes with notes of wood and dark sweets. Perfectly balanced with a complex finish.

Glenfiddich Project XX

Shrouded in secrecy, malt Master Brian Kinsman invited 20 whisky experts from around the world to select any expression of their choosing from the thousands of stacked casks. The final 20 malts represent some of the most astonishing whiskies under care. From aged malts matured in port pipes to ancient sherry butts and virgin oak bourbon casks, each malt lent a unique personality to the final expression. Brian married the 20 exceptional malts together, only releasing the final expression once he was completely happy with the liquid.
Glenfiddich 21 Year Gran Reserva Rum Cask Finish
After completing its maturation in traditional whisky casks, this exceptional 21-year-old Glenfiddich is again returned to oak casks. However, this second maturation is in oak casks that have previously matured the finest Caribbean rums. The result is a unique and elegantly balanced single malt which offers the ultimate whisky lover’s indulgence.

High West Double Rye Barrel Select &  Midwinter Nights Dram
*Limited Editions*

This High West Double Rye Barrel Select was hand-selected by the Total Wine Team for its incredibly unique, rich, and balanced flavor profile. Aging in a Boulevardier barrel imparts awesome vermouth notes. 97 Points AmericanCraftSpirits.Com.
One taste of A Midwinter Night’s Dram alongside a cozy fire will surely transport you to a dreamlike state. This limited release whiskey is a sumptuous marriage of our Rendezvous Rye finished in both port and French oak barrels. The rye forms a beautiful base of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon; the port barrels enhance with plums and dried fruits; the French oak provides a spice accent. A Midwinter Night’s Dram tastes like a proper Christmas plum pudding with lovely mulling spices, dried fruits, and crème anglaise. 
Jack Daniel's Winter Jack
*Seasonal Favorite*
Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack is a seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and holiday spices, based on an original family recipe from Jack’s home in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Even if you live in a place where it’s never cold or snowy, you’ll never regret being prepared.
Johnnie Walker Wine Cask Blend

Introducing Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Wine Cask Blend; the perfect example of a journey into flavor discovery.
It began with an experiment set in motion over ten years ago which involved maturing Johnnie Walker whisky in casks that had previously held wine. Many were tried and tested, but it was the former wine casks where blender Aimée Gibson uncovered a palette of incredible new flavors through some experiments of her own. These all eventually became part of the final blend. The result is an exceptionally fruity Scotch, full of lively fresh berry and sweet toffee flavors.

Kentucky Owl 11 Year Rye
*VERY Rare*

Kentucky Owl Bourbon was founded in 1879 by C.M. Dedman and today is led by Master Blender and direct descendant, Dixon Dedman, who released his first batch in 2014, nearly 100 years after prohibition ended his great-great-grandfather’s original endeavor. It is a masterfully blended collection of craft Bourbons and, now, a Rye Whiskey, with each batch bottled at barrel proof for the most authentic expression of Whiskey at its very finest. Kentucky Owl is for the connoisseur looking for high-quality, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and authentic heritage.  
Knob Creek Single Barrel 25th Anniversary 

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Knob Creek brand. Named after the small stream that flows through Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home in Kentucky, Booker Noe introduced Knob Creek 25 years ago to restore the standards of pre-prohibition bourbon; a long-aged, big flavored bourbon like those of the past. 
Macallan Edition No. 3

The Macallan Edition No. 3 is the latest release in this annual series. To make Edition No. 3, Macallan called on Master Perfumer Roja Dove to provide his remarkable sensory knowledge and experience to describe distinctive aromas in particular oak casks.
Drawn from a combination of European and American oak casks, Edition No. 3 presents a sweet and fruity character. It balances a heavier base reflective of The Macallan, with notes of citrus, vanilla, florals, and fresh cut oak. 

Oban Little Bay

Master Blenders Dr. Matthew Crow and Dr. Craig Wilson use whisky matured in refill American oak hogsheads, European oak Sherry casks and refill casks with new ends for this expression before allowing the resultant single malt whisky to marry in small oak casks.

Old Forester Statesman

Inspired by the dynamic characters in the upcoming film,”Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” Old Forester Statesman offers bold flavor blended to a smooth 95 proof from hand-selected casks of famed Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky from the warmest places in the warehouse. Because true character is only revealed after a little heat, the Statesman product offers an exceptional balance of heat and spice. Westland Distillery's flagship American Single Malt Whiskey is made from five different barley malts. This house style whiskey is marked by rich flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, pastries, caramel, and raisins.

Plantation 3 Star Artisanal White Rum 

A large majority of rum producers offer a white rum variety. Maison Ferrand wanted to produce a white rum that would stand out from the others using rums aged and unaged and taking advantage of the exceptional talent of the House for blending cognacs. Plantation 3 Stars is a blend of rums from three islands: Trinidad (rum aged two or three years), Barbados (young rum), and Jamaica (old rum).

Sauza Hornitos Cristalino

To create Cristalino, Hornitios takes a triple-distilled Añejo tequila for extra-smoothness, then carbon filter it, stir it and patiently remove the color while nurturing the essential distinctive Añejo notes—vanilla and butterscotch, rounded with sweet honey— delivering an exceptionally silky Cristalino experience, sip after sip.

Smirnoff Peppermint Twist

Wrapped in its season's best stripes for this Holiday Season, Smirnoff Peppermint delivers the mouth-watering taste of sweet holiday candy, balanced by the soothing cool of peppermint. Perfect as a chilled shot or creatively mixed in your favorite Holiday cocktail.

The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Triple Distilled In Copper Pot Stills made from 100% Irish Malted Barley then Matured in European Oak Ex-Sherry Butts for 4 years. High proportion of 1st fill casks, delivering a smooth, rich dried fruit flavors.
Suntory Whiskey Toki

Inspired by "Toki" - Japanese for Time, Suntory Whisky Toki brings together old and new -the House of Suntory's proud heritage and its innovative spirit- to create blended Japanese whisky that is both groundbreaking and timeless.
Westland Oak American Single Malt Whiskey 

Westland Distillery's flagship American Single Malt Whiskey is made from five different barley malts. This house style whiskey is marked by rich flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, pastries, caramel, and raisins.

Westland Peated American Single Malt Whiskey

This Peated Malt whiskey is a variation of Westland's house style made from a mash of peated malt that is among the smokiest in the world. It is combined with a variety of malt-focused spirits that together create a single malt whiskey that encompasses a wide spectrum of peaty and smoky flavors without dominating the palate. Westland’s Peated Malt is filled primarily into new American oak and 1st-fill used American oak, resulting in a multi-dimensional and balanced peated single malt whiskey.

Westland Sherry Wood American Single Malt Whiskey 750

Westland’s Sherry Wood is a new world approach to an old world idea. For decades, the use of ex-sherry casks for whiskey maturation has been a favored technique in Scotland and beyond. In marrying the decadence of sherry with unique grain-forward house style it creates something altogether new. Like the grain that is sourced, the sherry casks are held to high standards of quality. These casks held some of the world’s finest Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry for nearly a century and in the skilled hands of Rafael Cabello and his team at Tonelería del Sur in Montilla, Spain they have been given new life and purpose.  

Whistle Pig Boss Hog The Black Prince

This IVth. edition of The Boss Hog, The Black Prince, is a tribute to the great spirits of Europe. This is the first Rye Whiskey ever finished in Armagnac casks, straight from France. The result is extraordinary. A fine balance between American power and French sophistication. There’s nothing else like it.

Widow Jane Straight Bourbon 

Sourced from the historic limestone caves in the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, New York, Widow Jane 10 Year Bourbon is the only whiskey known to be 100% GMO free and contains some of the most purified ingredients in the whiskey making market. This 10 year whiskey is aged to perfection. It drinks like a 20 year bourbon with its deep cherry notes and light tannic finish.

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