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Absolut Grapefruit

Absolut Grapefruit is the latest flavor addition. It is made with natural grapefruit flavor and has no added sugar. With a truly fresh, fruity taste and iconic frosted bottle, Absolut Grapefruit perfectly complements the core range of citrus.
Balvenie 14 Year Peat Week

Since 2002, the Balvenie distillers have dedicated one week a year to distilling whisky with 100% peated barley, resulting in the Peat Week bottlings.
This is the second...

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Alchemist Pinot Noir

There’s a science, but also a bit of magic that goes into blending Alchemist wines. To make this carefully crafted Pinot Noir, they source the fruit from their favorite parts of our partners’ vineyards, drawing and blending from the beautiful palette of the Willamette Valley to create a refined and intensely vibrant wine, rich with red berry fruits. This is a wine for elevating everyday moments to the realm of art.

Altocedro Gran Reserva Malbec

Very dark...

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Whisky Advocate Top 20 (2017)

1. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
94 pts. 


As bourbon matures in new charred oak barrels over time, it approaches a perilous point when the oak dominates the flavor. To sip Elijah Craig at 12 years of age—at full barrel proof, without dilution or filtering—is to taste bourbon at its apex, so dangerously close to going over the crest of the hill, yet delivering a massive mouthful of incredibly robust flavors that drape leathery oak over a gooey caramel core, sprinkled with baking spice, while candied n...

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