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Virusa Vodka 750ml
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Virusa Vodka



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Category Vodka
Origin United States, Texas
Brand Virusa
Alcohol/vol 40%
Legend has it, that all of Earth's unique creatures derived from one main source. One main virus that spread and mutated into several strains to bring us Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and the like. It is also said, that this virus will one day bring about the Apocalypse. After thousands of years, we have captured the essence of this virus to bring you Virus Vodka™. Enjoy this 6 times distilled, gluten-free, kosher certified vodka that's made in America. Taste what thousands of years of evolution has become and remember to Spread The Virus! Environmental disaster Derived from an unknown source, Patient Zero is an enigma. It is said that he was the carrier of the initial Virus strain, Virus Zero. Over time, this Virus mutated causing zombie, vampire and werewolf-like beings. The Virus infected his body in a way that provided him with special powers that we today call Witchcraft and VooDoo. He is both ancient and new. After a thousand years, he decided the human race was ready for the Virus. Patient Zero developed Virus Vodka™ for the world to enjoy. His goal is to Spread The Virus™ and have as many humans Get Infected™ as possible. Realizing that The Apocalypse is among us, Patient Zero invites you to purchase Virus Vodka™ to drink, but also as a survival tool once the outbreak partakes.

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